Path of Pages - Literacy Walk

About the Event:

Path of Pages - Literacy Walk at the Park

Join us on Wednesday, June 14, from 3-6pm for a literacy walk along the Generations Park Walking Trail. Each station along the trail will be handing out one new children's book per family. Stations will be decorated to their book theme and may also hand out a treat!

There will also be a STORY WALK, a table of FREE USED BOOKS for all ages, and DOOR PRIZES!

Participating Organizations Include:

  • SRMT Education Division
  • Akwesasne Library
  • Nia's Little Library
  • SRMT Dental
  • MCA Wholistic Health & Wellness Program
  • SRMT Social Services
  • Holistic Life Foundation
  • Tribal Clerk's Office
  • SRMT Child Support Enforcement Unit
  • SRMT Air Quality Program
  • SRMT Alcohol/Chemical Dependency Prevention Program
  • Kahwatsiraienton
  • SRMT Health Promotion & Planning

For further information, please contact Krista Lauzon by calling 518-358-9721 or email



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