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College & Career Services (CCS) offers financial aid assistance to enrolled members of the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe attending College / University in the United States. In addition to the Tribe’s funding, the Service provides guidance with applying to college, FAFSA, HESC (TAP), and other scholarships.

CCS offers two Scholarships: Tribal Learning Assistance Program (TLAP) Scholarship & Educational Trust Scholarship. The TLAP Scholarship funds students pursuing their undergraduate degree (associates or bachelor’s degree) or graduate degree (masters or doctorate). Educational Trust Scholarship funds only Tribal Members, enrolled in a U.S. College/University, attending full-time credits (12 or more credits) at undergraduate level.

** Student must complete TLAP Intake Process with the Intake Coordinator before applying for the College & Career Services.


New Student

  • New Student CCS Profile Form (Form used to apply for the TLAP Scholarship)

  • High school diploma/ GED copy/ High School Transcript showing Graduation Date
  • Copy of certifications, licensure, or degree(s) (If applicable)
  • Acceptance Letter/ Enrollment Verification (from U.S. College/ University student is attending)
  • Schedule for next semester (Must have student name, school name, course names, course credits, & must be clear) Credits showing Part-time/ full-time.
  • Grades/ transcript (if they are a transfer student)
  • Individual Success Plan (ISP) (Completed, signed & dated) to meet college/ career goals.

Downloadable New Student Profile Form: NEW Student CCS Profile

Downloadable Individual Success Plan Form: CCS EET ISP

Returning Student

  • Returning Student CCS Profile Form (Form used to reapply for the TLAP Scholarship every semester and to keep student file updated of any changes)
  • Last semester grades (Must have student name, school name, course names, Term GPA, Cumulative GPA, & clear unaltered document)
  • Next semester’s schedule (Must have student name, school name, course names, total credits)
  • Individual Success Plan (ISP) (completed, signed, date, & submitted every Fall - July 15)

Downloadable Returning Student Profile Form: RETURNING Student CCS Profile

Downloadable Individual Success Plan Form: CCS EET ISP


The College & Career Services program has the following deadlines for financial support:

  • July 15 - Fall Semester
  • December 31 - Spring Semester

Downloadable Financial Aid Guide: Financial Aid Guide 2024

Expectations of the Program

Our goal is to assist Saint Regis Mohawk Members with their college and career goals to help members become employable and contribute members of society and in their communities.

  • Maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 for Undergraduate students
  • Maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.0 for Master’s & Graduate students.
  • Continue to make academic progress
  • Promise to seek out professors or other services when in need of academic assistance
  • Inform College & Career Services of withdrawal or other absences from college
  • Inform College & Career Services of graduation and submit final grades and copy of degree

Scholarship Opportunities

Education Program Due Date Apply Here
Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe TLAP Scholarship Link
SRMT Educational Trust Scholarship Link
New York State Indian Aid Link

Undergrad Program

The undergraduate program serves incoming freshmen to senior college students. Students must be in acceptable academic standing and progressing through their respective programs. Requirements include a completed application, a tribal certification letter, college acceptance letter, official transcripts, diploma or GED.

Graduate Program

The graduate program serves students who are pursuing their Masters or Doctoral Degree.

Summer Funding

Are you continuing your studies throughout the summer? Contact us to see if you are eligible for additional funding.

Contact Information

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Address: 71 Margaret Terrance Memorial Way Akwesasne, NY 13655

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